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White by Night

Writer/Director | Feature | In financing with Bump Films, South Africa

Cape Town, 1986. During a nationwide state of emergency, a black township princess must babysit two children from a wealthy white family. When a powerful, malevolent force outside the home threatens them, she is faced with the truth about what really stalks the children in her care... 

Colour | English with some isiXhosa | Supernatural Political Drama | 


Download Pitch deck (5.3Mb)

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Cast: Thishiwe ZiqubuSusanne Wuest, Clayton Evertson, et al. 
Cinematography: tbc
Sound Design: tbc
Production Design: tbc
Editing: tbc

PESP Fund Award Winner
Binger Filmlab
NFVF Development Funding 
DIFF Filmmart 
​World Cinema Fund Award 

Screenshot 2022-10-29 at 22.26.26.png
My Father's Son

Writer/Director | Documentary | In post-production

Two South African brothers (one Jewish, one black) find each other, discovering a hidden past of separate but shared pain – and a growing fraternal bond.

Colour | HDV | 58"

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Majestic City

Writer | Feature | In development with Kirlian, UK

Returning to the hotel where she spent childhood summers, a newly bereaved Sri-Lankan British artist retrieves a hidden artefact that transports her to hidden world where she must put her mother on trial for crimes against parenting. 

Colour | English | Coming-of-Age Drama

Producers: Sophie Mathisen, Samm Haillay


Download Pitch deck (pdf. 2MB)

Participating Project - Attagirl Global 2

Screenshot 2022-10-29 at 22.44.16.png
Wandering Bird

Co-Writer | Feature | In development with Neufilm, Germany

Berlin, 1941. Emilie Schenkl, an Austrian stenographer, begins a love affair with Indian freedom fighter Subhas Chandra Bose, in Berlin to collaborate with the Third Reich to free India. Can their love flourish against the backdrop of WWII? Based on a true story. 

Colour | German | Drama/Romance

Director: Kanwal Sethi
Co-writers: Kanwal Sethi, Ziska Riemann

Script Fund MDM

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